You may read this article and still not do anything about what you read, that’s fine. But whatever you read in this article, if you work on it, the quality of your life will be improved by a hundred percent. The thing with habits is that they cost almost nothing at all, just discipline, but overtime you grow into it. Another fun fact is that as you grow into a habit, you feel an urge to talk about it to inform others about your progress. Platforms like provide you with a platform to freely express yourself and talk about your progress.

Asides talking about your progress, you also start to take a liking to healthy and lifestyle stores. This is because surrounding yourself with people who are also on the same self improvement journey like yourself come to such places. This makes you strengthen your resolve. These habits no matter how simple would take you to a new level of productivity and satisfaction.

1. Journalling

The moment you wake up every morning, there are fresh ideas that come running through your mind. If you don’t get these ideas out they keep troubling you throughout the day. A great way to rid yourself of this troubling dilemma is writing them down in small bullet points like entries in a diary. Writing with pen and paper instills discipline and improves your ability to express yourself and create new space for better ideas that might come from your mind.

2. Meditation

Just sitting quietly and thinking contemplatively about an idea, the lyrics of a song, or something you read in a book can go a long way in improving your mind and the way to perceive life.  One of the benefits of meditation is, it allows you to clear your mind, while also helping you focus on what matters most.

3. Exercise

Whatever takes your heart rate from its resting position to anything above that is exercise. Any  physical activity that makes you breathe faster than you normally do is exercise. Exercises strengthen the  heart, muscles and improve blood circulation to the brain, and prevent the body from suffering from certain diseases like type two diabetes and complications from obesity. The health benefits of exercise are endless.

4. Reading

The oldest form of learning is reading. It actively engages the brain cells and stimulates the mind. The mind  is a powerful place and whatever you read affects  how you view life. By reading, you gain knowledge into how stuff works in your world. One of the importances of reading is that it broadens your imagination and creativity.

5. Genuine Socialization

Meeting with people and interacting with them genuinely is beautiful therapy. Asking about how they feel, things that matter in their lives and what makes them happy has a positive effect on your mood. This is because listening to people talk about their passion creates  positive mental energy that soothes your mind.

A little of all these will make your life better. It would be hard in the beginning but totally worth it.