Keep your promises to yourself with a resolution for fitness and accountability, says 54D CEO Omar Yunes.

People usually spend the last day of the year setting goals for the new year. According to Statista, half of all resolution makers set goals for improving fitness, and nearly that many (48{9b87922d005e23c3294d0e460c72f171f44d10a11e296cfe15836bb3fb12b030}) are hoping to lose weight. As the top two New Year’s resolutions, these goals are important in the minds of Americans. However, reports have found that nearly two-thirds of resolution makers are going to fail at some or all of their goals. According to recent comments by Omar Yunes and this is exactly why 54D exists—pushing people to succeed with accountability.

As CEO of 54D, Omar Yunes is accustomed to the typical gym life. His experience is that many new hopefuls don’t stick around long enough to see real results or form new habits. He met Rodrigo Garduño and saw the promise of his new program.

“54D is a highly demanding workout program that doesn’t require special equipment but does require 100{9b87922d005e23c3294d0e460c72f171f44d10a11e296cfe15836bb3fb12b030} of your attendance, focus, and effort,” he says. “Finally, a program that wasn’t just about getting you in the door to sign up! So many gyms are looking for members and not participants. It’s sad how many people pay for a gym membership and rarely go.”

In 2018, Omar Yunes turned from an investor to CEO before opening a 54D gym in Miami. They now have five locations in Colombia, Mexico, and the US. However, that wasn’t enough. They want to reach as many people as possible with the life-changing program. They decided to offer an online option.

“People are filling up our spots so fast,” Omar Yunes reports. “We have to turn people down left and right. So, we decided to take the course online. This is a great option for those who still can’t leave their homes often, and it’s perfect for the members who haven’t been able to schedule with us in person. It’s the same training, same coaching, same mentality–just more conveniently located online so you can attend from home.”

He notes that committing to 54D is a great New Year’s resolution and one people are more likely to keep. “It’s a set amount of time,” he says. “That’s important because you really need to set very specific goals if you want to keep them. How often? How long? Define what success means in hard numbers so you know where the line for failure is. A vague, ‘Oh, I want to lose weight,‘ or an, ‘I need to get in better shape,’ is nearly impossible to measure. So how do you know if you are succeeding? Here, we tell you, ‘Make this 54-day commitment, and that starts with a week of prep just to get your feet wet.’ Then, it’s a nutrition plan and an hour of training, along with stretching and recovery sessions.”

A live 54D ON coach offers daily guidance to help support all attendees. The program is designed to burn fat and help tone the body, not build high muscle density. Participants can enroll at