Dr. Andrews is excited to join a team promoting health and wellness.

Recently, Dr. Sunny Andrews was announced to the team of Evogen Nutrition. She is excited to join the ranks of other top athletes part of this elite team. The announcement comes after she was accepted into the invitation for the 2022 Arnold Classic and 2022 Olympia qualification.

Dr. Sunny Andrews got her start as a track and soccer athlete in high school. She went on to play soccer in college while getting her bachelor’s degree. It wasn’t until med school that she really started serious weight training. The release of stress, as well as increased feelings of strength and energy, encouraged her to dig deep and push herself further.

With roots in Western medicine, she found that the fitness lifestyle was a missing element in too many practices. She felt that her degree only supported how crucial wellness and preventative medicine should be in any healthy society. Her goals are to help spread a better understanding of fitness and nutrition so people can pursue better overall health and avoid many common complications caused by obesity, sedentary lifestyles, and poor nutritional habits.

“I’m extremely excited to be named to Team Evogen,” Sunny Andrews said in an announcement. “Their nutritional supplements and vitamin lines are great for supporting a healthy lifestyle. I’m ready to take 2022 by storm, and this is a great team to have backing me.”

Dr. Sunny Andrews has been a fitness pro since 2018 and graduated from medical school in 2019. She has spent time researching at the Mayo Clinic and the University of Florida, pursuing topics in genomics and radiology. By 2020 she was a trauma surgeon and working 24-hour shifts. This difficult work schedule didn’t stop her from crushing her goals. She won her class in Nationals after working a 24-hour shift in surgery and driving straight to the competition.

In 2021, Dr. Andrews competed seven times as a pro, including the Olympia, where she landed 6th place. She was the only USA non-Latina female to land in the top 10 for that competition. She qualified for the 2022 Olympia after winning first place in the Ben Weider Natural Pro show.

“My goals for 2022 are extremely high,” Dr. Andrews says. “I’m feeling very confident about where things are headed.”

In Evogen Nutrition’s announcement, CEO Hany Rambod stated, “I’m a huge fan of Sunny Andrews physique. She carries a great balance of 3D muscle, especially for an athlete that has only just started competing. I’m happy to have her as a part of Team Evogen and excited to see the improvements she will make in 2022 with the full line of Evogen Nutrition products in her arsenal.” Hany Rambod is a 20x Olympia winning coach and 7x Mr. Olympia.

Hany Rambod got his bachelor’s degree in biology with an emphasis in neurophysiology, helping him understand what an elite athlete needs to succeed in demanding competition of top physique. With this background, he launched Evogen Nutrition as one of the most respected brands in nutrition.