Erectile dysfunction often occurs in men when having sex without realizing it. Sexual erectile dysfunction occurs when men are unable to reach and maintain an erection that is perfect for satisfying sexual activity.

Andrology specialist Nugroho Setiawan said that if men experience erectile dysfunction for more than three months or in 10 sexual intercourse, they should seek medical help and change their lifestyle immediately. You can seek the best medical help at the Canadian Pharmacy.

“A person’s awareness of erectile dysfunction is the key to the success of treatment. So far, many are not aware of erectile dysfunction and are silent,” Nugroho said at Pfizer Press Circle in Jakarta, Wednesday (29/8).

According to Nugroho, if left untreated, erectile dysfunction has an impact on sexual relations that do not satisfy both partners, giving rise to discomfort, premature ejaculation, to the trauma of having the next intimate relationship.

In order not to have a bad impact on relationships, Nugroho suggested to immediately check complaints with medical personnel. An expert doctor will provide specific treatment because of the different causes of erectile dysfunction in each person. Also, you can consult about the erectile dysfunction treatment at the Canadian Pharmacy Online.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by interrelated multifactors ranging from vascular health, nerves, hormonal disorders, penile structure, and the influence of certain drugs.

“Everyone has different medicine because the causes are different, very customary. You can’t buy your own medicine, let alone herbal medicines that are often sold on the streets, it is not proven and is not included in the international erectile dysfunction therapy guide,” Nugroho said.

According to Nugroho, doctors have international standards in treating patients with erectile dysfunction. He explained that in the first line doctors would give PDE-5 Inhibitors category drugs. This drug works while having sex.

This medication must be given to patients who have no contraindications. The article, this category of drugs causes blood vessels to dilate with the consequence of blood pressure going down. As a result, this drug can not be given to people with low blood pressure and are taking drugs that widen blood vessels.

In addition to drugs, Nugroho called therapy can be done by installing a vacuum or vein clamp that is placed on the penis.

While treating, doctors will also find out the cause of erectile dysfunction in men so that treatment is more accurate.

In the second line, an intracavernous injection is usually performed or an injection into the base of the penis. The next stage can be done with implants in the penis and blood vessel operatives.

In addition to medical treatment, erectile dysfunction patients are also asked to make a healthy lifestyle by maintaining proportional weight.

“Lifestyle must be good, not smoking and consuming alcohol, don’t stress, sports must be in the form of cardio such as running or cycling,” Nugroho said.

In excess body weight hormone levels that support, erections are lower than those with proportional bodies. Research shows men with a low-calorie diet for eight weeks can improve erectile abilities better.

“Medicines and healthy lifestyle changes can help erectile dysfunction and improvement will occur,” Nugroho said.