Now, this is rife about the use of marijuana for the treatment of various diseases. But it must be done with the right dose and also with good quality marijuana that can be obtained from licensed producers Canada.

The use or consumption of excessive or uncontrolled marijuana will certainly have an adverse effect on our body. Some of them are:


In chronic users, marijuana can cause physical and psychological dependence, and cause symptoms of withdrawal of substances for a moment when stopping using. These symptoms can appear after 3 weeks of continuous use and then stop using. The characteristics of withdrawal symptoms are anxiety, decreased appetite, nausea, irritability and sleep disturbances.

Chronic Cannabis Syndrome, better known as Amotivational Syndrome, is cognitive impairment in chronic users which results in a decrease in ability to plan or get a life goal; then causes users to be placed in jobs that only require a low level of cognition.

Research on humans and animals shows that marijuana use at an early age has a long impact on cognition and increases the likelihood of neuropsychic disorders (Schneider, 2008). Wilson et al. (2000) compared long-term users of marijuana who started working at age 17 and under with 17 years and over. In workers who start at the age of 17 years and under, the low percentage of brain intelligence (neurons and dendrites, where the thinking process occurs) and the high percentage of myelinated axons compared to all brain volume.

  1. Bronchitis and inflammation of the lungs and irritation and airway rupture.
  2. Changes and damage to brain cells and decreased brain power.
  3. worsens coronary blood flow.
  4. Suppress the production of leukocyte.
  5. Reducing levels of growth hormone and sex hormones both men and women.
  6. Cause cancer (odd carcinogens higher than tobacco).
  7. Lowering agility in motion.

Psychic impact

  1. Decreased enthusiasm, the onset of a motivational symptoms.
  2. Decrease the ability to read and count.
  3. Decreased ability to associate / sociability.
  4. Apathy / decreased attention to the environment.
  5. Triggering the occurrence of psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia mental disorder, which is a disruption in assessing reality and self-understanding.